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Bansko ski center has world class slopes and excellent conditions for practicing winter sports.
Modern investment includes fast and safe lifts, snowmaking facilities that cover 90% of the area, a stadium and shooting range for biathlon, many restaurants, tea rooms and spaces for children.

75 km. is the length of the existing ski trails. The lowest point on the outskirts of Bansko /990m./, and the highest- 2600m.  is Todorka. Unique 16 km. route connects the two points creating the opportunity to ski without stopping.
The oldest part of the ski center is the area Chalin Valog. The tracks there date from the late 60s of the last century, at the same time the Ski Club in Bansko with the name "El Tepe" / Vihren’s old name / was established. Bansko ski school has 4 generations of athletes. The oldest veteran is 85 years old and still getting on skis.
Intermediate lift station /1467m./ is the top of Chalin valog. Two slopes are situated there that are quite steep. There is a chairlift. A track for children is available as well, which is wide and with a slight slope. A nice and regularly  cleaned road from Bansko can take you there. Parking is paid.
Banderishka Polyana /1635m./ or Upper lift station, is the main point for meetings and a sort of "switchgear station." It is easily remembered with the child ski slopes, lifts for beginners, noisy restaurants. The panorama is amazing, shaped by the highest peaks of Pirin: Vihren Kutelo, Cherna Mogila and others.
From Banderishka Polyana leave several chairlifts. The line "Bunderitsa" climbs one intermediate station to the top of the peaks. Lift "Kolarski" connects to the "Shiligarnika." There is the end of the legendary Alberto Tomba track, which is certified for competition by the World Cup skiing.

Shiligarnika /1725m./ is loved place hiding among tall pine forests. At the beginning of 2016 a super fast and comfortable 6-seat lift was built that takes skiers to the top of Todorka to descend from the steep slopes of "Todorka" and "Balkan".

The most sunny and pleasant part of the ski area is near the Plato. The Eastern slope of Todorka is suitable for beginners and children. Therefore there is the highest concentration of skiers. A lift connects the Plato and Shiligarnika. In the heart of Pirin the nature is breathtaking. The surrounding white peaks are Djangal, Strajite, Polezhan and others. There is a fun park for snowboarders at the top of the plateau.
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